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Welcome To Personal Development Carnival

Personal Development, Meditation, NLP, WorkshopsPersonal development comes in many forms, hence the choice of the word carnival. Though the choice is multifold. For one there is a huge variety of techniques for improving yourself and your life. Secondly, the majority of them can be very enjoyable, perhaps you might have some tense moments when doing some change work, depending on the technique, though the results should always be enjoyable.

So what different options are there? What can you do to achieve quality personal development in the way that will yield you the best results?


This is our first recommendation for a number of reasons. Firstly because it is incredibly simple to do, provides awesome stress relief that most people need, and provides a great platform for the self-examination that will yield you the greatest results possible. It also helps you to achieve far better health for yourself when you practice it, and much of your ability to achieve the results you seek in life hinges on your state of health. There are great health benefits of meditation, and making use of them will aid you in other areas of your life in a big way. Plus in that it is such a simple thing to do you can start to achieve good gains quickly.

Whilst for many there has been a historical preconception that meditating is difficult and hard to learn, the truth is a long way from that. It is very easy to learn, especially if you are using guided meditation tracks to support your learning. Though the full realisation of it’s simplicity only comes when you effectively understand what is meditation, then the possiblities open up to you. Once you do and have started practising, your ability to influence your development ability becomes far greater than before. Check our section on meditation techniques.

Brain Training

A relatively new area in some ways, yet with roots dating back a very long time. Traditional brain training has involved a huge degree of study, reading, learning and practising of new techniques. Yet in recent years shifts in brain technology have led to the advent of brainwave entrainment as a way of doing things. When working with this new technology you listen to a soundtrack that has been crafted by a specialist sound engineer. Within the sound track there are specific frequencies relating to your brain waves. As you listen to the soundtracks your brain waves synchronize with the frequency of the sounds on the track.

Thus you can shift with great ease into any state of your choosing with great ease. Whilst on the surface this seems to have little long term application, it does in fact have very strong reasons for usage. With repeated usage of the tracks your brain develops new neural pathways, pathways which control the way you think and the results you get. As such enabling you to improve memory, concentration, communication and many other things. Which in turn enable you to achieve the results you desire in life with greater ease. As such they form a great option for your development toolkit. When you combine these soundtracks with the deeper states of meditation you can achieve even greater development results, as such doing so is a high recommendation.


NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the product of very deep research by Richard Bandler and John Grindler in the 1970s. A huge influence for it came from Milton Erikson who was known as the pre-eminent hypnotherapist of his time. Other major influences came from Virginia Satir and Alfred Korzybski, also pre-eminent in their respective fields.

Neuro linguistic programming offers people the ability to bypass the conscious mind and get straight to work with the unconscious mind, which is the place where the majority of counter-productive thinking originates. In doing this it becomes very easy to removes blockages and problems that hold a person back from achieving the results that they desire. It is an incredibly fast way to achieve amazing results in terms of your life and development, whether you are desiring the release of old issues and problems, or assistance in moving to higher levels of success.

Common methods of application are breakthrough or coaching sessions. A breakthrough session is usually done on a single day, and runs for around 8 to 9 hours, during which whatever problem a person has been facing is unearthed and removed. These sessions are incredibly effective when it comes to issues such as nervous breakdown, where a person can be back to a state where they are able to enjoy a healthy good life by the end of the day. Coaching sessions are usually run as 2 hour sessions either once a week or once every two weeks. These are more commonly taken by business people and entrepreneurs who are commited to achieving better results in their businesses and lives.

Whilst NLP is an amazing in terms of the results it helps a person achieve and the speed with which they come, it is not a cheap option. For a good NLP practitioner you will be paying upwards of $400 per hour. Using someone cheaper is generally ill advised as less skilled practitioners yield less good results, potentially affecting your development negatively and costing you more in the long run. If you do choose to learn it for yourself you will have a very strong skill to apply to yourself. When used within a meditative practice your ability to reach in deep and unearth issues holding you back is unparalleled. Though learning NLP comes with a price tag that only those truly commited will be willing to pay.

Personal Development Workshops

There are of course a great number of these on offer. Many people have heard of Tony Robbins, his books and his training courses too. Whilst not for everyone, in terms of the atmosphere and content, they have provided many with good results in life.

Strong recommendations are also David Shepherd founder of the Performance Partnership, an NLP Master Trainer who has aided many people in achieving life changing results across the various developement courses his company offers. Whilst Chris Howard, another NLPer, is also very good and offers courses across various locations and for various different things.

Workshops are great to do and offer you the opportunity to learn some great skills for achieving the lifestyle that you desire to be living.

Moving Forward With Your Development

The primary recommendation in terms of simplicity, change and ease is meditating. The foundation you give yourself from practising self-examination in ths way means that you are able to achieve stronger results from anything else that you decide to do. As such we strongly advise that you checkout our recommended meditation resource. On top of that work with brain training and brainwave entrainment to aid in getting your mind into the best shape possible. Whilst using NLP sessions and workshops as funds allow to really push your personal development to the highest levels possible and yield to you the life you wish to be living.

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